Charles Flower set up Flower Farms in 1990 growing wild flower seed, restoring farm landscapes and giving training workshops.
Common blue butterfly UK
Common blue butterfly



We have assisted with every kind of wild flower project on all soil types from a few square metres to 600 acres around Stonehenge. Flagship projects have included 80 acres at Magdalen Hill Down, a Butterfly Conservation Nature Reserve, creating and enhancing 200 acres for the Earth Trust and creating a 10 acre meadow for the Oxford Botanic Gardens Arboretum. More recently, nearly 100 acres has been created in the Hambleden Valley east of Henley for multiple owners.

Landscape restoration projects include a 100 acre corn prairie which was turned into 2 wildflower meadows, 9 fields with hedges, several copses, a pond and a green lane modelled on the original medieval landscape and restoring a 500 acre arable farm devoid of wildlife habitat to a patchwork of woodland, hedgerows and species rich grassland.

Increasingly the requirement is for wildflowers plus other features which encourage wildlife, thus ponds, scrub and a form of re wilding can all be on the agenda.



Charles Flower

Trained in ecology at Edinburgh University and having farmed for 30 years he has a unique understanding of grassland species and their associated wildlife. He was a plant surveyor for the Higher Level Stewardship scheme for 10 years. His ability to read the history of a site provides a firm basis for wildflower restoration and the wider landscape.  He continues to pioneer good practice whether it is on ex-arable land or established grassland.

Bob Anderson

joined Flower Farms as Farm Manager in 1996 after a career in conventional farm management and brought up to date production methods to our seed crops. Bob continues to run the seed business.

Sarah Flower

joined her father in the business in 2020 having worked in design for 10 years.  She studied Geography at Anglia University and has a special interest in designing restored landscapes and soil management.